The  2020-21  season  commenced on January 16th and concludes with finals in March, 2021.

Selected Teams are placed on the members Only Group on Facebook and On the Board at the City Bowls office

Teams are selected on the basis of ability / form, availability, Compatibility, Team Culture. Some decisions are not always popular but are made for the good of the team. as such members are expected to play the role selected in. When we have more players than positions, generally the bottom team is the team that bears the brunt of changes and for that we apologise. If a player feels that they have not been given a fair go, then they should approach a selector and discuss this rather than airing their grievances elsewhere. The selectors are trying to give all a fair go to achieve the best results for the club and its members.

If  you  have  a  message  for  the  Chairman  of   Selectors

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