Club Championships

City  of  Geelong  Bowls  Club

2018/19  Club  Championship  Results

Club  Singles  Champions

Mens  Champion: Russell  Gray        Ladies  Champion: Veronica  Kelly

Mens Runner Up:  Jim Fitzpatrick     Ladies Runner Up:  Kerry Gooley

Club  Triples Champions

Champions:  John Phillips (Lead), Sam Irvine (2nd), Ruth Kulakauskas  (Skip)
Runners Up:  Mick Hayes (Lead), Joe Van Der Wel (2nd), David Gunsser (Skip)

Men’s  Pairs  Champions

Winners: Carl Gunsser & David Gunsser (S)
Runners  Up: Chris  Hayes  &  Ron  Sutherland (S)

Ladies  Pairs  Champions

Winners:  Caroline Burger & Veronica Kelly (S)
Runners Up:  Lisa  Shuttleworth & Fay   Macpherson (S)   

Mixed  Pairs  Champions

Winners:  Carl Gunsser  &  Veronica Kelly (S)
Runners Up:  Andrew Hoskin & Lorraine Myers (S)

Baxter  Handicap  Champion

Winner:  Veronica Kelly
Runner  Up:  Darren Hillman

Men’s  Minor  Singles  Champion

Winner:  Brian  Parsons
Runner  Up:  Carl  Gunsser 

Men’s  Veteran  Singles  Champion

Winner:  Brian Parsons
Runner  Up:  Hugh Macpherson

The fixture for 2019-2020 club championships are available on the boards at the club outside the club bowls office.