Bowling Greens

 Bowling Greens

The City of Geelong Bowls Club has two Greens with 8 rinks on each.   The greens have a synthetic turf surface and the type of surface is called Tiger Turf.   The green closest to the clubhouse has a dome roof by Makmax who are well known for dome roofing over many sporting arenas around Australia.   This green has tiered seating for over 300 people.    The greens run at different speeds to make bowls a challenge at the centre.   The greens are proposed to run at 14.0 seconds and the other at 15.0 seconds.

Practice  Sessions,  Barefoot Bowls Groups  and  School  Groups

  • Other club members can come along Monday to Friday and use the greens for a small fee for their session.  This can be payable to the Bowls Shop.  Until the start of October, the club is allowing a honeymoon period where no fee will be payable.  At the start of October, the fee for a practice session during daylight hours will be $10 per person.

  • Barefoot Functions and groups can be arranged through the contact page for advance bookings or by calling the club direct to see if a short notice booking can be arranged.  The cost for barefoot bowls is $10 per session per person which includes bowls and initial tuition.

  • School Groups are most welcome and these can be arranged by either emailing us or calling the club.   Initial tuition is arranged and games organised for groups.  The cost includes the use of club bowls, initial tuition and game organisation and costs are dependant on the size of the groups when making inquiries.

Bookings can be made by using our contact page or by emailing direct to the club’s email at